Writing Anything?

"A Touch of Mystery"

A young woman investigates her father’s murder by emulating a childhood pulp hero, but digging into the man’s past for clues threatens to reveal a dark secret of her own - the ability to reshape living flesh with a touch.

"Hamilton Drake and the Memphis Mystic"

In an alternate past where the Civil War ended in stalemate, famed soldier-of-fortune Hamilton "Tunny" Drake must stop Confederate mystic Elvis Presley from disrupting peace talks with his cult of rock & roll fanatics.

(This is part of the pulp series I introduced in "Gates")

"Amateur Hour"

Staying out of trouble becomes impossible for an ex-Army strategist turned security guard when he inadvertently helps fellow college students plan a high-profile robbery.

(My first attempt at writing a mystery/suspense novel.)

"Master of the arena: book one"

A misanthropic Earthman must fight to the death in an intergalactic competition to prove humanity's worth.

(I co-wrote this one with my father, who passed away in 2017.)